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Episode 07: Pop Culture Icons: SpongeBob SquarePants

On this episode of Pop Culture Icons, let's talk about a relatively newer icon in popular culture. Is absorbent, yellow, porous, and who lives in a pineapple under the sea...

"SpongeBob SquarePants!"

Yep! SpongeBob SquarePants!


I think I snapped something in my throat. Alright on this ongoing series called pop culture icons we like to explore various 'nouns' in popular culture that are beloved and have impacted many throughout the years and i think #SpongeBob qualifies. And it's not just the nineties and Y2K kids, but a complete new generation too, not to mention adults who were adults when SpongeBob was born.

So let's talk some SpongeBob SquarePants and I've got my friend Giancarlo, and my daughters and, my brother. All right let's just have some fun. All right how old do you think you were when you first remember SpongeBob? Alright my friend?

GC- My earliest memory was, man, i mean i don't, i don't remember watching SpongeBob like when i was four or six but i know it was definitely out. So yeah i would probably say i want to say six just to be safe where i kind of knew what was going on around me and knew what was life. i think when i could start to actually registering what was going on and my interests, i would say six years old.
I can't remember exactly but i know that in school you know I'm sure that all the kids you know watching either Cartoon Network, Disney, Nickelodeon. So I gravitated towards Nickelodeon because of SpongeBob. I mean that that's, I just started watching and I remember SpongeBob being kind of like the premiere show because at that point 6 years old what was that...that was 2006 so I actually remember the first episode I think that was the first episode I watched, was the first episode of SpongeBob.

Okay. Little bro?...

LB- Yeah I really can't...I don't know when it started it was before before I went to school though, like before kindergarten.

Alright. First born?

D#1- I don't know I'm sure I was watching it like since it's come out but I can't really pinpoint an exact age where I physically, whatever, remember actually watching one episode.
I'm pretty sure we started watching it at the same time.
D#1- But when was that?
We were kids I don't know.
D#1- Right. Kids. I don't know, young?
The first season.
D#1- I don't know. 2001?

Well, I can tell you when-

D#1- Well answer it then.

Alright so SpongeBob premiered in 1999 so it was around then, so you were what, like 1 or...?-

D#1- I don't know.

What, you mean you don't remember when you were one years old?

LB- lol
D#1- Right. That's what I thought. But like I can't remember any episodes from '99. I don't remember when I actually start to remember the episodes.

All right. And, number two?

I don't know. I was born into it.

And number three?

Uh it was in 2004.

Um, wasn't that the year you were born?


So you can remember that?-

No....(lol) I don't remember when.

Okay so how old are you now, and do you still watch it?

GC- I am twenty two and no I actually do not. I still like it but I just don't watch it. My interests changed pretty much to the point where when I'm watching tv, it's not the first thing that comes to my mind really to watch it. It's probably the one show that kind of defines my childhood and what I would watch because when I was a child that was the first thing that would come to my, kind of like my peripheral. Like, oh I wanna watch this. It would be SpongeBob. At some point when I would watch it and I know this was years ago but when it started getting kinda like, after 2010, it just started to not really interest me. Like the episodes weren't, you know, I just didn't find it as interesting. The content, like, what they were talking about, storylines of each episode, it just didn't interest me. you know?
LB- I'm 25.
D#1- Yeah. Yeah. What am I, 22 and I definitely still watch it. It's a nice feel good show to laugh at.
D#2- 21 but yeah we still watch it pretty often. lol
D#3- I'm sixteen and still watch it.
D#1- Yeah but like not the new stuff.
D#3- Yeah no way, we don't watch the new stuff.
D#2- Season 1 through 3.
D#1- No, season 1 through 5.
D#2- No.
LB- No it's like season one through... how many seasons are there?
D#1- Like 12.
D#3- A lot.
D#2- 15.
LB- I think I stopped watching at season like 7 or so.
D#3- Yeah.
D#1-Yeah that's when we stopped, but we only watch now repeats...
D#2- Seasons 1 through 4 I guess.
D#1- We watch 5 too! That's the one with Squidward's face.

You're on a roll, don't stop now. Listen to the rest here, or on your favorite app here.


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