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Episode 09: The Pasta Debate

Late one evening recently my wife and daughter number two were having a conversation in our room when daughter number one comes into the room and says....what-what did you say?

"I don't remember"

You said I have an announcement to make-

"Hey did you guys know that the the shape of the pasta actually matters when you eat pasta, the sauce matters, with the sauce, the sauce it helps enhance the flavor of the sauce?... that is wild!"

Then the wife says:


I said: 'Does it though?? I don't know about that-'

"Are you kidding me mister beer connoisseur? You've got like three different beer glasses depending on the beer that you drink, don't know that there's a difference, you don't believe there's a difference? Come on."

(Gasp) The beer disrespect...For the record i had more than three beer glasses if you people would stop breaking them....


We're going to go back to the #beer thing later...

Welcome to Podcast. Presented by Sonic Embassy. On this bite sized episode let's talk about a tiny little debate i recently had. It all started from a YouTube video called: 'How to shape every #pasta-method mastery' from Epicurious.

"Hi I'm Hilary Sterling executive chef and partner Vick's restaurant here in New York City. So today we're going to go through all the different areas and some different doughs-traditional Linguine to Tagliatelle to Bucatini to some of the lesser knowns, Strascinati and Orecchiette. The Italians have been the authority on pasta making forever. Every pasta shape is designed for a sauce so that it captures whatever sauce that is given for it and actually was created for it. The Italians do it the best."

Don't stop now. Listen to the full episode here or in your favorite app here.


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