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Episode 11: Pop Culture Icons: The Arcade Part 2

For many of us growing up, The Arcade was one of the most anticipated and fun places to go. If you are listening to this and you haven’t listened to Part one yet, I would encourage you to do that now, it was rad, like, totally...duh. (smile) This time, we will also go a little behind the scenes on them, plus, if you stopped going-why? That and more, so take a chill pill and enjoy!

(intro) Podcast. Presented by Sonic Embassy. Episode 1 1, Pop Culture Icons: The Arcade Part 2.

On Part 1, We had a lot of fun reminiscing on the good ol' days. Whether you were an 80’s kid like me, or-

JRoc- "You know-I mean, me being a 90's kid man and proud of it, I feel like my generation, was like the last generation to really experience the stuff that yall experienced and stuff. We were like the last one before like the big gaming...everyone's indoors now, you know. Because you went outside and made friends. Or the scores you wanted to beat, like, those 3 initials. It's like, aw man, WHO is this...JKW?! Who is this person?! And they keep winning, they keep having the top score! Yeah, so, that whole thing man. As soon as I saw you're doing an arcade I'm like oh my gosh, yeah man."

Oooooo-funny you should mention that...

(spoof. music starts) There exists an elite group...a crack commando unit...a collection of the best of the best, from everywhere, and no where...a secret society...unattainable to most...the reality of whose existence would be denied if not for their signature...where an elite few get to leave their mark...3 initials. The royal list of people better than you: The High Score List! (end spoof. music)

Man that High Score List was ELUSIVE!

NN-"Yessss! haha"

SCOTT-"The only time I ever got onto the High Score Board, it was right after a power failure, and it lost all of it's data. And I was the first one to play the game and I ended up on the High Score board but, it didn't last very long."

NN- "You know now I'm getting like a flashback. At the movie theater, there was something that I liked to play and for the life of me I can't remember what it was. But I got to put my initials in there and, oh god, it was so exciting because I never, I never was good enough to do that."

Me either. You know, I was thinking of something: Do you remember if boys and girls were drawn to different types of games? I feel like there was a little, but I can't remember. What do you guys remember?

Hey, you're on a roll, don't stop now. Listen to the rest here, or on your favorite app here.

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