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Audio Post & Branding

Sonic Embassy is Audio, Post-Production, and Voice-overs including Mixing, Editing, Producing, 'Enhancing', Video editing and more. We have helped a wide range of clients sound great on any platform!

Here are some of the ways we can help you:

-Create custom audio for your website or product
-Improve the sound quality of your podcast
-Create professional-sounding ads for radio and television
-Create high-quality voice-overs for your commercials, explainer videos, and other projects
-Enhance your video content with sound effects and music

Flexible packages for any budget starting at $105 USD!



...exceptionally talented, which is likely why he can deliver the best audio and visual performance for his clients. His pricing is also very fair. 


podcasts collage.png

...a gifted audio artist capable of supporting almost any client goal before him.

— Ashley Krejci-Shaw

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